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Chicago Cubs Baseball "Game Used" Cufflinks

The rich history of the Chicago Cubs can be found in the seams of these Game Used baseballs. Take a piece of that Cubs history with you into the boardroom. The Emil Verban Society may not hold meetings, but if they did, these cufflinks would be mandatory. Each pair of cufflinks are made from a baseball used in a real Chicago Cubs game. Set in sterling silver, the cufflinks are hallmarked with team name and presented in a Major League Baseball gift box. Every pair includes an authentication instruction card and hologram number. Search at to find out more about the ball that was used to make your pair of cufflinks. Did you know? In 1975, a group of Chicago Cubs fans based in Washington, D.C. formed the Emil Verban Society. The society is a select club of high profile Cub fans, currently headed by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin which is named for Emil Verban, who in three seasons with the Cubs in the 1940s batted .280 with 39 runs batted in and one home run. Verban was picked as the epitome of a Cub player, explains columnist George Will, because "He exemplified mediocrity under pressure, he was competent but obscure and typifying of the work ethics." Verban initially believed he was being ridiculed, but his ill feeling disappeared several years later when he was flown to Washington to meet President Ronald Reagan, also a society member, at the White House. Hillary Clinton, Jim Belushi, Joe Mantegna, Rahm Emanuel, Dick Cheney and many others have been included among its membership.
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