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Mercury Dime Cufflinks

These exquisite cuff links feature genuine Silver Mercury Dimes minted from 1916-1945. Mercury Dimes are much admired for their beauty, and because they a smaller coin, these make great cufflinks for ladies. Designed by Adolph A. Weinman, the Mercury dime acquired its name from the winged cap worn by the Liberty figure on the coin’s face. It was produced from 1916 until 1945. In 1946 it was replaced by the Franklin D. Roosevelt commemorative dime, introduced only one short year after his passing. Both cufflinks depict the "heads" side of the Mercury dime. Each set comes with a certificate of authenticity. The Mercury dime is a ten-cent coin struck by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1945. Designed by Adolph Weinman and also referred to as the Winged Liberty Head dime, it gained its common name as the obverse depiction of a young Liberty, identifiable by her winged Phrygian cap, was confused with the Roman god Mercury. Weinman is believed to have used Elsie Stevens, the wife of lawyer and poet Wallace Stevens, as a model. The coin's reverse depicts a fasces, symbolizing unity and strength, and an olive branch, signifying peace.
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