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New York Metro Token Cufflinks

Authentic, old fashioned tokens from the New York Metro have been set on sterling silver backings and turned into cufflinks that are as unique as the Big Apple itself. These cufflinks are an understated way of showing that no matter how successful your are, you know where you came from. There is a reason this city never sleeps. Show your urban New York roots with sophistication and style. Did you know? It was a common scam to circumvent the payment of fares by jamming the token slot in an entrance gate with paper. A passenger would insert a token into the turnstile, be frustrated when it did not open the gate, and have to spend another token to enter at another gate. A token thief would then suck the token from the jammed slot with their mouth. This could be repeated many times as long as no police officers spotted the activity. Some token booth attendants sprinkled chili powder in the slots to discourage "token sucking". Token sucking (also known as stuff 'n' suck) was charged under theft of services, criminal tampering and criminal mischief.
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