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Ohio State Football Cufflinks

These cufflinks are made from genuine, game-used footballs from Ohio State University. They are perfect attire for "dotting the 'i'", singing Hang on Sloopy before the start of the fourth quarter, or ringing the victory bell in the Southeast Tower. Are you a real Buckeye fan? Put your cufflinks where your mouth is. Worn by Brutus the Buckeye on his Wedding Day, these cufflinks are appropriate for any formal occasion. Keep OSU close to your heart (and sleeve). Buckeye Grove Begun in 1934, each player who wins "first-team All-America" honors is recognized by the planting of a buckeye tree and installation of a plaque in Buckeye Grove, now located near the southwestern corner of Ohio Stadium next to Morrill Tower. Trees are planted in ceremonies held prior to the Spring Game. All Buckeye All-Americans dating back to 1914 have been so honored.
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